Thursday, February 23, 2012

the experiment in naturalism ends

A ten month experiment in naturalism - specifically in exploring my genetic hair growth patterns unimpeded by social convention or personal intervention - ended today...

before the end of the experiment:

after the end of the experiment:

I have opted for reasons of time and resource consumption to return to my practice of periodic self-intervention with a pair of clippers.  The experiment was interesting and resulted in a practical appreciation for the potential value (never tested) of mustache wax for keeping one's mustache out of one's food and mouth...  The use of baking soda solution and apple cider vinegar for hair care worked very well, but with my natural oil levels and the daily run-commute the treatments needed to become more frequent as the mass of hair continued to increase.  The experiment did not culminate in the 'growth plateau' that I had aspired to when I began the experiment, but I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what I would like if I were genetically me, but born tens of thousands of years ago before we made a cultural habit of interventionist hair styling.  From earlier periods in my life, the late undergraduate epoch to be precise, I can share that the head-hair plateau happens at about shoulder length... the beard remains a mystery... would it have grown to the nipples or the belly button or beyond.... we may never know, and I suspect we will never find out.

Now it's time to go deal with the psychological repercussions of feeling like I no longer have a chin.


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